All care staff within the home will be appropriately trained to deliver the highest standards of care. A continuous staff training programme is being implemented to ensure that these high standards are maintained in line with the latest initiatives and developments in care practices as may be laid down in appropriate legislation, and registration authority guidelines, thus ensuring competent, committed and well trained staff who understands the needs of the elderly.


The rights of all our service users are the main priority in our philosophy of care. We will promote those rights through the care and services we provide and encourage all service users to exercise their rights to the full.


We recognise the changes service users face when moving into a home. To minimise the impact of those changes we will promote the philosophy of a ‘family circle’. Staff will be inducted from the outset of employment in the importance of valuing people as individuals and respecting their choices, privacy, dignity and maintaining their independence as far as possible. Service users are able to choose for themselves whether they wish to remain in the privacy of their own accommodation or go to one of the communal areas. Staff will knock on service users doors, whether it is their room or bathroom, before entering. Staff will recognise the rights of confidentiality for service users and other members of staff.
The ethos of Lavender Lodge is to promote a culture of openness where service users can express their wishes or concerns without fear of prejudice. We recognise each person’s right to air their views, voice their opinions, make choices and be informed of their health requirements and be given help to accept any treatment required.
We will endeavour to retain as much privacy and dignity as possible by:
  • Helping service users to personalise and equip their rooms as they wish.
  • By providing keys, where appropriate, to their rooms and a secure place for their valuables.
  • Giving service users the opportunity to have privacy when receiving visitors, making telephone calls or opening and reading mail.
  • Securing all service users’ records and information and respecting the confidentiality of those records.
  • Treating each service user as an individual and a respected member of the family circle.
  • Assisting service users to maintain their dignity through their personal appearance and behaviour.
  • Promoting activities that encourage service users to express themselves as individuals.
  • Helping service users to overcome any shortcomings they may experience through age or disability.
Disabilities however small can quickly undermine dignity, therefore at Lavender Lodge we aim to maintain respect for our residents’ values by treating each resident as an individual and valued person. Our aim is to assist them to present themselves, as they would wish through their own choice of clothing and appearance.
We are aware that our residents have given up a good deal of their independence in entering our home and believe that it is most important to provide as tactfully as possible any assistance required allowing independence in carrying out some daily living tasks unaided, wherever possible. Our residents will be encouraged to have access to, and actively contribute to the planning and implementation of their own care plans.


We recognize the importance for all service users to retain their independence and the problems that group living can give. We will encourage service users to act and think as an individual by:
  • Maximising the opportunities for service users self care.
  • Encouraging service users to retain financial independence.
  • Helping service users to take reasonable and fully assessed risks.
  • Ensuring service users maintain links with contacts outside the home.
  • Giving all service users the opportunity to contribute to the records of their own care and to express their views on the care.


We recognise that every service user should have the opportunity to choose a home which will meet their needs and can offer the care they require. They should be given the opportunity to exercise their right of choice in all aspects of daily living. To facilitate that choice we will:
  • Provide comprehensive information on the home and the quality of services and care available.
  • Provide each service user with a contract or statement of terms and conditions of residency.
  • Carry out a needs assessment on each service user prior to admission.
  • Demonstrate to each service user that we can meet their assessed needs.
  • Offer the opportunity for prospective service users to assess the home by way of a trial visit or a short stay.
  • Provide a range of meals service users can choose from and allow them to decide where and when they can consume the food of their choice as far as possible.
  • Continually offer a good selection of social and leisure activities.
  • Avoid strict routines and maintain flexibility in the daily life of the home.

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